Mattering where it counts

This past month, one thought has been consuming my mind.  I’ve gone to far too many church services where God comes last.  It’s sad, but I had felt as though it was true.  Many times, it was my own short coming, expecting someone to coerce me into the presence of God.  That is why when my parents let me know that we were taking a family trip to New Jersey and sitting in on the NACOG conference, I was far from pleased.  In fact I think I was even dragging my feet a little bit to go.

And at first, I didn’t really like it.  The hotel I was placed in was 2 miles from the conference center, so most people were shuttling back and forth.  The conference center itself was really tiny and my expectations were low.

Plus my parents were so intent on eating the Indian food that they had packed, they actually drove out and brought a microwave for the weekend to heat up their food.  Oh how I wish I was joking.  Surprisingly Double Tree by Hilton does not have microwaves or fridges, or at least the location we stayed at.  However they did have cookies available at the front desk, it was a fair enough trade off for me.
But lets get back on topic, the conference.  So the thing about God is the fact that he meets us regardless of all these things that feel such a big deal at the time.  He reaches down to his people, if they were willing and welcome to him, and that’s what really matters.  And none of these other things really mattered.  I mean it would have been nice not to shuttle across back and forth, but this conference counted where it really mattered.

At this conference I felt such an anointing from God.  My iPhone started getting cluttered up with notes from sermons.  Pastor Zack Cherian spoke about the woman with the condition with blood during the last evening session.  And as he compared her shame for her sickness and necessity of her chasing after God I found myself completely in awe of how God could reach me so perfectly through the words of a stranger.

And after that meeting, so many people told me that they met God, or more so really met God for the first time.  When you grow up in a Christian household, as many of us at the conference do, you take the presence of God for granted.  By doing this, we are doing such a disservice to God.

This wasn’t a conference where everyone skipped out on the meetings and ran to socialize, this was a conference that forever changed the lives of the people who chose to get involved.  It wasn’t a mountain top experience, it was a launching pad where we can use what we learned.  I learned to stop waiting for tomorrow to meet God, but to pursue him and grab unto the hem of his garment.

Because the amazing thing about God is that if you ask you WILL receive, but first you need to ask.

Day 17: Something you’re looking forward to (This summer)

As I write this post I can think of so many things I am not looking forward to!  I need to study for my calculus exam, take my actual calculus exam, work hard and take my final!  But with all of that in mind, there are still so many things I actually am looking forward to do and below is a list of a few:

1.  Church Retreat

It’s going to  be at the retreat center we always used to have it and I hope it’s as good as I had always remembered it being!

2.  Finishing my summer class

I’m REALLY hoping I don’t have to retake this class, but regardless finishing this class and REALLY starting summer will be a treat with retreat starting the same day in the afternoon.

3.  Sophomore Hang out

It’s bound to happen some time this summer and I miss all my sophomore friends!

4.  Guyana

I meant to announce this later, but I’ll be going to Guyana for a mission trip!  (More on this later)

5.  Starting School Again

I actually like school!  And as happy as I am to end it, I love the beginning of school too!

6.  BIG Production meeting

The entire team for The Ticket is meeting together again and this excites me!

7.  Apologetic Lesson

My Sunday school class is learning about different religions and at the end we learn some christian apologetic.  I’ve always been curious about these things.