Salwar Sunday- May 29,2016


In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve gotten a little lazy with posting my weekly outfits. However, I think it’s important to create spaces to share my culture- so these will still be happening! Some more exciting things are still to come. 🙂

Now back to this outfit! It’s maybe 8+ years old and still holding strong. My salwars have really taught me the vale of investing in quality clothing. I still find the contrast of black with the swirl of red, blue and silver so beautiful.

Sari Sunday- March 27, 2016

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@keh_zee_uh pointed out its been around a year since I started#SariSunday blog posts. Thank you for taking this journey with me kez! Growing up in a country void of my culture I wanted to try to share my voice. I’m excited to keep posting 🙂

Special thanks to Keziah Babu for taking these pictures- I really missed having her take my pictures! When I last went to India my aunt gave me this salwar, it’s one of my favorites. If you looke at the shawl you’ll see the beauty in this salwar’s details.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON! (Sari Sunday: November 15, 2015)


This week’s Sari Sunday features the phenomenal Shannon Mathew. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON! I’ve known this beauty for her entire life and I’m so happy to feature her in this week’s Sari Sunday. Thank you to Susan Mathew for taking these pictures! I hope our poses aren’t too offensive….

Sari Sunday October 11, 2015

image image image

Today I wore a simple yellow salwar. The pants just did not fit :X so I paired it with white salwar pants from a different salwar, I actually really liked how this salwar looked with white. I’m also wearing these shoes from Clarks. My feet are wide but they somehow fit into these boots. I did feel a little pain from wearing these. The struggle of having wide feet!  But these shoes are my mom’s so I won’t be wearing them that often. I recently decided to start wearing WIDE shoes instead of forcing myself to wear medium size shoes and feeling pain all day. I hope ya’ll are having a great Sunday! Below is a picture of me wearing this same salwar a different way.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 9.44.17 PM

I am seriously tempted to cut my hair again! I’m not into my current hair length and short hair was nice. But I’m going to try to grow it out long again and then make the chop again. A little girl once told me I looked like the princess from Tangled, that was the best day of my life. LOL Just Joking, a little.

Sari Sunday- August 23, 2015

image image image image

As much as I love dressing up and having my picture taken, I love taking pictures of others even more. This week the beautiful Liz is featured. She is wearing a sari from north India that we reworked with some of my mom’s sari wrapping magic. I think I might do a post explaining how to wrap a Sari like this. Comment down below if you’d like that!

As always, have a great Sunday! 🙂

Sari Sunday- August 9, 2015

imageI’m bringing back the Sari in #SariSunday! I wore this sari with a blouse that has a longer sleeve and it honestly made me feel like I was dressing up for someone’s wedding. The blouse doesn’t even go with this Sari! The colors somehow worked and I was in luck. I decided to just pin my hair back because the Sari felt so extravagant.

That’s all for now, I hope you’re enjoying your day. 🙂