HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON! (Sari Sunday: November 15, 2015)


This week’s Sari Sunday features the phenomenal Shannon Mathew. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON! I’ve known this beauty for her entire life and I’m so happy to feature her in this week’s Sari Sunday. Thank you to Susan Mathew for taking these pictures! I hope our poses aren’t too offensive….

Sari Sunday- September 6, 2015


I had a moment today that sorta put things into perspective for me. I felt silly posting fashion pictures thinking of the grand scale of things.

My dad got into a biking accident and he’s okay but he so easily got hurt in one second more than he ever was in his entire life. I saw how fragile the man who raised me was and reminded me to never forget that every day is a gift. I could have not existed or my life could have been cut short at any time. But, I’m alive. 

So in this picture I am very fragile as we are all very fragile. But I realize that because I believe in an eternity, being fragile isn’t so scary. I have no reason to be afraid. (Although I will be cautious!)

Sari Sunday- June 28, 2015


Today I decided to do something special with my hair after seeing a cute hairstyle on Pinterest. I tried to find the original post with no success. Essentially you put your hair into a high pony tail and spilt your hair into two, braiding the two pieces separately and finally wrapping each piece around your hair tie. I have a little bald spot that drives me crazy! It turns out this bald spot is just the area where I normally part my hair. If anyone knows how to hide this, please let me know.

The salwar I’m wearing in this post is actually silk material. I remember my mom saved this one for me to wear to a wedding and I was so upset because I couldn’t see the value in its silk material. I wanted the typical decked out cotton salwar in all of its “obvious” beauty. Despite the fact that I found the salwar I’m wearing above ugly, all of the older aunties would comment on the salwar’s simplicity and beauty. I really only saw this salwar as beautiful recently. It’s crazy to me how subjective beauty is- even beyond salwars, in life.

My favorite part of this salwar is the shawl. It feels heavy on my neck because of all the beading sewn on. I also love the delicate cut of this clothing that leaves me feeling so feminine but in a simple way. I love saris, but they can be such a hassle to wear…

I hope you all have an amazing Sunday! If you have any suggestions or requests for hairstyles or outfits- please let me know. 🙂