Sari Sunday- May 31, 2015

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It has been quite some time since I’ve posted! I was away for the last 12 days recharging and spending time with my family in India. I start my masters program tomorrow so I wanted some time to relax before delving into school work. I have a few pictures to share from that trip but I’ll post those later on.

In the pictures above I’m wearing a traditional Kerala sari but with a fancy “ready made” blouse. You need staple Indian clothing, I never realized this before, and a gold sari blouse is definitely one necessity. Gold goes with so many sari patterns and this blouse in particular makes the entire outfit look more classy, at least in my opinion.

I purchased this sari blouse from Kaylan Silks for around 1,500 rupees but I’m wary of this company because my cousins warned me against purchasing from Kaylan Silks for many reasons (overpriced, bad quality of clothing). The sari is from Seemati and was actually purchased for someone else but I kept it because we were supposed to buy a different pattern for said person but misunderstood.

As always thank you to Keziah for such amazing pictures.

Sari Sunday- May 10, 2015


Happy Sari Sunday, even though I’m wearing a salwar! This salwar was actually pulled off a mannequin by my mom in India because she found it so beautiful. I never felt comfortable wearing this, it may be the lack of shape, but it looked great today.

I’m also wearing Cinderella heels, I purchased these years ago at an outlet store. I haven’t seen them in a long time in person, I’m bringing them back in style! (at the very least for my wardrobe)

Something I realized I never mentioned here is that I feel so ridiculous posing for these pictures. My friends for church will randomly see me and know that it’s photo time. I’m learning to be more comfortable being absolutely ridiculous.

Above is a picture of Keziah, my photographer. I have so much love for her! As I’m learning to blog consistently and come up with new ideas for poses, she’s been growing more and more as a photographer.

Sari Sunday- May 3, 2015

image image imageI saw this “gingham” print crop top on the Forever 21 website but refused to pay shipping for one shirt. Luckily, I ran into Forever 21 this past Friday to buy headbands and saw this same crop top in person!

My mom picked the sari above to accompany this crop top “blouse” by matching the dark blue hues in the gingham pattern to the color of the sari as a whole. I’m also actually wearing croc sandals which are so much more comfortable than I imagined.

It was hard to get good pictures today for some reason. It was a beautiful day but the lighting was weird. Plus someone parked in front of our usual photo shoot spot! Granted, we take our pictures in a parking lot… 😉

Photographer: Keziah Babu, accompanied by Shaina Mathew

Sari Sunday- April 26, 2015

image image image image image image image image imageHappy Birthday Rachel! (She’s in one of the above pictures) I have so much love and respect for you! Plus you’re beautiful!


This salwar brings back old memories for me-it’s 11 years old. When my mom first purchased this salwar for me, I spilled black ink all over the back of it by accident because I left a pen in my salwar drawer. My mom took a part of the shawl to fix the salwar on the back. Looking back I realize how little I appreciated something I consider so beautiful now.

Photographer: Keziah Babu 🙂