Everyone feels sad sometimes


It feels odd to write down, but it’s so true.  Everyone feels sad sometimes.  I don’t know why I imagine that I am the only person who feels the way I do when I go through rough patches in life.  Sometimes that sadness can seem engulfing and the scariest thing in the world to do is to address what I’m feeling.  The bible says that there is a time for weeping and a time for rejoicing.  But all I want to do is rejoice!

I’m sure that there are lots of people who feel the same way that I do.  I don’t want whatever situation I’m going through to burden others.  I don’t want other people to know that I’m experiencing pain.  And I imagine that everyone really is exactly the way they appear to be on the surface.  But nothing could be farther from the truth.

Absolutely everyone we meet in life is facing his or her own battle.  And this is all the more reason to love and to love like never before.

My mother was the first person to make me realize this.  She told me to be kindest to the people who seemed the meanest.  Because when you stopped and took time to get to know them, it’s like peeling an onion!  There are layers and layers underneath and everyone has a reason for being the way that they are.

In particular she told me there was a woman who she saw daily who seemed to hate her.  It’s so hard to love those who hate us.  The bible can vouch for this fact.  But she told me that when she learned of the pain this woman experienced in her life, she suddenly understood the bitterness.  She understood it instantly.  And her love for this woman was not in vain, now they’re actually really great friends!

The perfect biblical model for this kind of compassion is embodied in the life of Jesus.  He looked at the defects and the outcasts of the world and somehow he chose to love them.  I guess he saw us in a way that we cannot even see ourselves.  It’s funny because sometimes it’s not even people who are putting these labels and ideas on us.  We do it to ourselves.

If there is anyone like me, who is reading this, please know that you’re not alone.  Sometimes I feel so sad tears feel like tiny needles shooting from my eyeballs.  Or so angry that my veins will burst!  Or even so happy and loved that I imagine my happiness is contagious.  We are not our emotions or our temporary feelings.  Feelings change.  And we are never ever really alone, never at all.

Day 29: 3 Wishes

1.  I would never forget the value of being 100% true to myself, regardless of circumstances.


2.  I could have weekly brunches with greatest minds of the entire world and just ask them question after question.


3.  I can die saying that I did something of worth in my life, or really helped the people around me.

Day 26: Your Dream Wedding

I think most guys have heard that girls plan their wedding day from as far back as they have enough cognitive reasoning to think.  I’m not one of those girls.  So many times I’ve been tempted to let my mind imagine and delve into all the wonderful possibilities.  But I stop myself because I know that a wedding is just one day.  And that the marriage that comes from it is far more important.

However, there are some things I need in order to have my dream wedding, hopefully my demands aren’t crazy.

1.  God fearing man

I find it so funny how some girls will go on for hours about the location, colors and ambiance of their wedding and forget to marry someone good!  I remember telling one of my friends that I just wanted to marry someone completely in love with God.  She looked at me kinda weird and said that I should be careful of those guys, they may be a little crazy. But the way I see it, God is the center of my life.  He is my moral compass and my everything.  So why not marry someone who loves God as I do?

2.  Simplicity

I’ve always loved the colors red and white because it looks so classy and simple.  I wish I could have a small wedding but I have way to many relatives to ever wish to do that.  But I can keep things simple.

3.  Lace wedding dress

I don’t know what is about lace.  It just looks so refined and so classy.  I would of course need a sari too, but maybe a lace dress for the actual wedding itself would be nice.  And white looks really nice against my burnt chocolate complexion.

4.  People I love

I want to be around people who actually care about me and my well being.  People who smile and pictures and are actually really happy.  People I’m happy to spend my day with.  I promised my aunt I’d get married in India if she couldn’t come to America.  I want her there.

5. Prayers

I want to start off my married life draped in blessings!  Is that a little selfish?



Ask Nina 40/365

Who’d a thunk formspring would be such a great resource for questions for my blog?

My anonymous formspringer [who I am assuming is the same person from before] posted another question for me to answer, and I actually think it will be a bit of a challenge for me to answer, but I will sincerely try my hardest.

Why are there starving and sick people in this world? If everyone has a specific plan and purpose by God, whats theirs? – answer in blog please 🙂

[btw I don’t know why the font comes up larger when I copy and paste it, but it does smh.]

It makes me feel horrible when I think about all the people in the world who need something, whether it be tangible or intangible, and I know I can do nothing for them.  Some people need to feel like someone loves them, some people need someone to believe in them, and some people lack the basic substances needed for their survival.

But when I also think about this situation, I also think about the fact that I’m sitting on my butt sipping an arizona iced tea and although I feel bad when I think about these people, I have done absolutely nothing in my life to  help one of them.  That is beyond donating old clothes that I honestly didn’t care about anymore.  If you really care about those people who are starving them GO OUT AND HELP THEM!

It is our duty, not only as Christians, but as humans, to do everything we can to help those in need.   Because God had given us free will, because we have the ability to sin and make choices, imperfection is inevitable.  People WILL be hurt if they have no love in their family, or not enough money for food, or even if someone simply wrongs them.

I truly believe that God has a purpose in our lives and that things are never as it appears.  The people I feel are most blessed are people like me, I was born into my faith and because of that I KNOW the truth.  All I can do is spread this message and hope to help these people in whatever way I can.

I know it seems horrible that some people are starving but I KNOW they have a purpose, maybe a purpose I don’t understand or truly know just yet, or maybe they do not know.   Our lives here are just a second of eternity and even though I don’t always understand his ways I will still praise God [I copied that from a song, I’ll put it at the end].

I hope I was able to somewhat answer your question, and please feel free to ask anymore.  At the end of the day all we can do it try to the very person we can be and maybe, just maybe, we can help someone in need.

See you tomorrow,


**If you want I can try to find ways that my bloggers can help out people in need, whether it be sending food or trying to go on mission trips.