Jesus is calling you! …To a life of pain?


In the book of Mathew we find a passage about Jesus calming the storm.  A pastor came to my church this past Sunday and shared this with us.  The message I learned him was so powerful that I wanted to share it with more people.

The funny thing here is that the disciples were following God, but were surprised when a storm came.  In fact, they were afraid of the storm!  At this point in the bible they had already seen Jesus do crazy things, but yet when this storm came the first thing they did was go into a place of fear.

What does this all mean to us?

Sometimes the “problem” is never actually the problem.  Our reaction to the problems in our lives are what really matter.  Because Jesus never actually called us to live a life that was easy.  He never promised that to us.  In fact, he promised the exact opposite.

My prompt to you today is to think about your reactions to problems in your life.  Are you doubting God?