Let’s Stop Glorifying All Nighters


The above was written by Abe Joy during small groups at church. This past Saturday we had small groups at church centered around the idea of “rest”. I stole an activity I learned in grad school and had my small group each write about rest and crumple up their sheet. Then each member in the group picks up someone else’s paper and we take turns reading each other’s writing. The above is what Abe Chach wrote:

“A rest in music is a portion of any piece of music where an instrument pauses. Rests are important to provide variety in rhythm, ease tonal fatigue and signal musical divisions in a song….”

Spending time in our small groups we began to share how “stress” and a lack of sleep is glorified in our culture.


We joked that often times when people tell us they haven’t slept all night, our response is “glorifying”, for example, one might say, “Wow! I don’t know how you did that…” When in reality not sleeping actually represents a lack of time management and one rarely responds, “Wow! You must not know how to manage your time…” But that’s really what an all-nighter means!


Just as how music is incomplete without rests, our lives need rest. We are reminded in the bible of the “golden ratio”, 6 days of work and 1 day of rest. The bible warns us especially in Proverbs about too much rest. I was tempted in our group to say “rest” is our natural state- it’s not! We must rest,  but we must also work.

IMG_1394.JPGI really believe God wants more for us than sleepless nights. He also doesn’t want us sleeping all day! My challenge for my readers today is to ask yourself, do you take your rest seriously?

Finding Motivation

Does anyone else struggle with this?  When I’m motivated enough I can do anything, I’ve seen it before.  I’ve had piles of endless work and I get it done because I know I can.  But unless I’m under a deadline, I don’t push myself just so I can do my best.  I push myself when it is necessary.  I remember hearing in a podcast, “If you think you can’t do a mile, then do two.”  But how hard is that?  Right now it’s time for me to study and I wish I could curl up with a good book or just keep writing until I fill this post with 1000 words or more.  But now it’s time for me to find my motivation.  I want to look back and know I tried the best I could.  So that I can regret nothing.