Day 18: Favorite Place to Eat


This picture was taken almost three years ago of me back when I was in India.  I may be bias in the fact that I was in a different country I loved, surrounded by people I loved all while being on vacation.   So how could I not love eating at this restaurant?  I believe the name of it was “Taj Malabar” (being honest I can’t remember fully) in Cochin, Kerala.  I’ve only gone here two times in my life and the first time I went I had the best meal I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.

This is technically only a restaurant inside of a hotel, but the view and sites are spectacular here!  Being honest, even though I love being in India the whole “third” world problems things starts to get old fast.  The electricity always goes out, you wake to roosters and mosquito bites on your neck.  This place is just a little bit of luxury and class that I needed when most of the places I visited had toilets as holes in the ground.  You wouldn’t think that a tiny thing like a toilet would matter..

Anyway, the food here is amazing!  It was delectable and I loved the fact that they offered many different types of cuisine.  The atmosphere itself was breathtaking!  There was even a lady who did henna on my hands for me when I finished eating.  And this was complimentary service.

This is my favorite place to eat because the food is amazing, the atmosphere is warm and whenever I go, I’m in a happy place.