25 days of Christmas (Day 4)

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(Day 4) Julissa Soriano

“I’m going to a ugly Christmas sweater party and I’m determined to win so I think I’m going to buy- you know those new Disney channel shows no one watches?  One of these characters came out with a onesie with jingle bells.  So I’m going to buy bells and attach to my sweater.  Or sit by one of those electrical plugs and have Christmas lights going around my neck.  If I could find a sweater would singing in it, that would be better.  That would be my top choice!”

25 days of Christmas (Day 3)

(Day 3) Cate Larsen

“One year everybody gave me socks.  And I mean everybody.  I was getting decorated socks, toe socks, glittery socks, glittery decorated toe socks.  I don’t know if it was a hint or coincidence but I had to pretend I loved them all and now I have a big bag of Christmas socks.”