PARIS: Some Places to Visit

This blog post is inspired by The creator of that blog is the reason I believe I first started dressing in a way that actually allowed me to feel confident and not guilty about spending money on clothing that actually lasted. I highly recommend you check out her post on what she packed and wore in Paris. I tried to implement the different categories that she shared from her trip to Paris, but with details from my stay.



AFTERNOON: We arrived in our Airbnb in Le Marais around 3pm. We decided to get food after walking around and exploring a bit. We ended up getting burgers that were made with waffles in lieu of a normal bun. Tre chic!

EVENING: I almost ditched the group to sleep because of my jet lag but decided to get drinks by a cute spot in front of our airbnb. As someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, I opted for a coke which was so darn good. Back at the airbnb we spilt the most delicious pastries together as a late night snack. It was then that I learned that I love pistachio!



MORNING: Because of jet lag, we decided to watch the sunrise at around 5am by Ponte des Arts in the Latin Quarter. Before it was even 12pm we grabbed breakfast, saw the outside of Notre Dame and went inside St. Chapelle.

AFTERNOON: Early afternoon we visited Musee d’Orsay because it was nearby and saw the most beautiful pieces. I’m super grateful that was had an art teacher with us because she explained the importance of a lot of things that I would have otherwise overlooked.

Because I had booked a Bike Tour in advance, around 2pm I left for the tour while enviously leaving my friends who used that time for a much needed nap. At the end of the tour I saw the Eiffel tower for the first time.

EVENING: We walked around more and explored more of Paris before stopping by Luxembourg gardens and later getting Steak and Frites. Steak and Frites was literally the only thing on the menu. I learned that my Coke was more expensive than wine, but just by a little. We came back the the airbnb and as per tradition, spilt some desserts.


AFTERNOON: The night prior, despite all my attempts I could not sleep. My super sweet vacay roomie boiled hot water for me in the middle of the night. I was coughing a storm and woke up in agony. I told the girls I would meet them at the Lourve. I met them around 2:30pm, saw Mona Lisa and realized I was going to pass out if I pushed myself any further. I left the group and passed out because of what I later learned was a fever.

EVENING: I woke up around 7pm and still felt weak and once I decided to get food, I realized that all the food spots by us were closed. It was Easter Monday. My only options was drinks or the grocery store. Because I was so tired, I bought some cookies and chips, and called it a day.


LATE MORNING: Praise the Lord, I got better! The girls and I grabbed some brunch at Seasons and we decided it was a shopping day! We were super content with all the progress we made the past few days (them even more than me considering my sick day) and wanted to take time to shop. 

AFTERNOON: We headed to the infamous Champ de Elysees and after spending an absurd amount of time at Louis Vuitton (inconsistent customer service btw), went to Ladurée for tea and desserts.

EVENING: Before heading to our evening activity, we stopped by Montmarte. We wanted to take a nap beforehand and decided to skip a real dinner because of the time crunch. We grabbed croissants, pizzas and whatever other random cafe snacks we wanted before heading in an uber. In the evening we headed to Moulin Rogue. I was entirely aware of what I was signing up for in the moment and although it wasn’t my cup of tea, it wasn’t as intense as I imagined it might be! I even kinda liked it.



MORNING: We started our day with a tour at The Palace of Versailles that we purchased through Headout. Though I was upset that customer service told us to arrive at 8am when we only needed to be there at 9am, it was still my favorite part of the entire trip. The tour guide was funny and informative. Meanwhile, the palace and gardens were simply stunning. 

AFTERNOON: The hard part about being in Paris is how long it takes to eat at restaurants. Because of time constraints, we decided to get a grab and go lunch before shopping in the area. I bought some cute pieces from Stradivarious and if you’re a smaller chest size I would recommend Oysho for lingerie.

EVENING: Before dinner, I went off to the original Shakespeare and Company on my own. I wanted to buy a book for my personal library. I met back up with the girls and finished the evening with dinner in the Latin Quarter at Maison De La Lozèro, my favorite meal of the trip! My friend even let me try a bit of snail. They offered a Prefix menu at a steal but because I somehow felt stuffed, I decided to go with one delicious entree.


MORNING: To end our time in Paris, we grabbed a delicious brunch of sorts at The Broken Arm , a cafe and shop, while reading our respective books.

AFTERNOON: And just like that, it was time to take a cab to the airport and head home. 🙂

The Truth about Self care


I was talking with a friend about how a lot of times we misunderstand self care. We think it means indulging in the most un-healthy delicious foods, sitting on the couch and hibernating. Instead, I’ve learned that self care can be hard. It has meant eating well, exercising, meditating and doing all of those things I don’t want to do. Because sometimes we need to feel the pain of discipline now to reap it’s benefits later. Otherwise we enjoy the present and may be unhappy with the fruits of our choices.

Even the bible affirms this, In Galatians 6:7, it reads “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.”

For my entire life up until recently, I sowed bad seeds. I never exercised for longer than 10 minutes, ate whatever was in front of me and felt the impact of these choices on my mental health. This past year I’ve been changed for the better because I’ve chosen choices that felt harder in the moment. I’ve begun to crave greens and my body grows restless if I haven’t been active enough. The fruits of this self care is that I feel better mentally and physically. I took the time to take care of myself.

We need rewire how we see celebrating ourselves and lives. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy something a little unhealthy or slack off for a bit, but what happens when our entire lives are filled with moments of indulgence? Real self care can often mean choosing what’s harder and maybe those treats will feel better when we enjoy them a little less often.

Day 18: Favorite Place to Eat


This picture was taken almost three years ago of me back when I was in India.  I may be bias in the fact that I was in a different country I loved, surrounded by people I loved all while being on vacation.   So how could I not love eating at this restaurant?  I believe the name of it was “Taj Malabar” (being honest I can’t remember fully) in Cochin, Kerala.  I’ve only gone here two times in my life and the first time I went I had the best meal I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.

This is technically only a restaurant inside of a hotel, but the view and sites are spectacular here!  Being honest, even though I love being in India the whole “third” world problems things starts to get old fast.  The electricity always goes out, you wake to roosters and mosquito bites on your neck.  This place is just a little bit of luxury and class that I needed when most of the places I visited had toilets as holes in the ground.  You wouldn’t think that a tiny thing like a toilet would matter..

Anyway, the food here is amazing!  It was delectable and I loved the fact that they offered many different types of cuisine.  The atmosphere itself was breathtaking!  There was even a lady who did henna on my hands for me when I finished eating.  And this was complimentary service.

This is my favorite place to eat because the food is amazing, the atmosphere is warm and whenever I go, I’m in a happy place.