Day 30: a picture of yourself this day and 5 good things that happened since you started the challenge

I literally just took this picture in the middle of the tutoring center at my college.  I tried to act like a ninja when I was taking it- did it work?  I find it so crazy that 30 days have already gone by, I feel like I started this challenge yesterday and now I’m done.  I think it feels a little bitter sweet to be typing up my last post.  On one hand I’m happy that I don’t have to blog everyday, but on the other hand, I don’t have to blog everyday!  And I feel like being forced to blog helped me in a million different ways.  Now unto 5 good things that happened to me since I started this 30 day challenge.

1.  InterVarsity used one of my blog posts.

I wrote about InterVarsity and strangely enough, InterVarsity found my blog and not only asked to use it, but have me write for them this summer.  I’ve only written one other post for them so far but I find this such an incredibly humbling experience.  And I’m so grateful to be used by God in this capacity.  I never considered myself a writer, but I did believe I had something interesting to say.  And the amazing thing about God is that he calls you just to be called, he’ll qualify you and do the rest.

2. I turned nineteen

I know that sounds stupid, but not a lot of people can say they lived to be nineteen years old.  So many people die young or tragically and I was blessed to live yet another year of my life.  I’m thankful for that.

3.  I had the most productive summer of my life

I’m not even halfway through but regardless of whether of not I pass this seemingly impossible math class, I’ve learned and done so much this summer.  Most times during the summer I bum around each day and do nothing but right now I can’t remember a time I’ve worked harder really.  And the the thing is I don’t even do that much, which speaks to my work ethic.  Or lack there of.  But I’m learning that it’s okay to take breaks sometimes.  As well as the fact that one cannot be working all day long.  I think its ingrained in our brains that something is wrong if we’re not always working.  That we’re procrastinating and wasting our precious lives away!  But most people procrastinate.  Maybe we should stop spending so much time complaining about doing nothing and just work hard whenever we do work.

4. I stopped caring a little more.

Again this sounds so counter intuitive, but not caring about the small stuff really changed my outlook on life.  I stopped letting myself engage in petty drama that’s around me.  I stopped caring about whether or not I was coming off a certain way.  And in turn I started caring about just being a good person and relying less on these superficial things like the name of the brands that I wear.  Learning to let go and not care is revealing and ultimately releasing.

5.  I’m going on a mission trip to Guyana.

I think normally I would have been too afraid of being unqualified to go.  But I’m going because I feel like God has called me to do this!  I plan on blogging about experiences when I get the chance, so check back if you want to hear from me.

Day 11: Favorite tv shows

Hello my lovely readers!  Today is June 21, hence the meaning of six: twenty one, I commented earlier on that the name of my blog didn’t really have meaning outside of my birthday, but it does.  Today is the first day of summer, as well as the longest day of the year.  That really means something.

Now unto what I want to post about today, some of my favorite television shows in no particular order.  Most of them are guilty pleasures.


Where do I even begin?  I think a part of me like this show just because it feels like a nicer version of Degrassi.  Everyone looks pristine and manicured at all times, and the stories are always juicy.



Arrested Development

This is just one of those shows that you come across very few times in a lifetime.  It’s hilarious, cute and always a short watch usually spanning 20 minute episodes.  I can sit and watch seasons at a time and love every minute of it.


Royal Pains

I started watching this with my brother and this is a show that is so carefully crafted and holds such an amazing story line.  I almost want to change my major whenever I watch it.  The characters are real and this makes them loveable.


Make it or Break it

This is one of the shows that not too many people know about, but it crazy good!  The story line is rich, the characters real, and is watching this show is always one of my favorite things to do.  There are some corny parts, but I sit through it for the good parts.

Day 7: Favorite Movies

This was actually one of the posts I was least looking forward to writing about because I’m usually really picky about movies.  I never see movies when they actually come out in theaters.  The way I see it, I can get the book for free in the library and its twice as good!  I know, I’m so brown it’s bad.  But I’m the type of person who’s willing to spend money, but if its a crazy good deal to me in my mind.  $16 for a 2 hour movie?  Pshh read a book and get HOURS of entertainment for free!

But there are some movies I love and here they are listed below in no particular order:

Never been kissed

I love this movie SO very much and for so many reasons. For one, its basically the dream for any girl.  Go back to school a couple of years later, be insanely popular and get your teacher to fall in love with you.  JK that’s actually kind of crazy, but she somehow makes it cute.  This movie is incredibly simple and intricate and that’s what makes it beautiful. Josie is the girl everyone wants to win, she’s the girl who’s always lost and that’s what makes this movie amazing to me.

2.  The Little Mermaid

This is such a classic and I don’t think anything can really compete.  I always wanted to be Ariel when I was younger because she was the prettiest princess and she could sing.  Plus mermaids get to wear swim suits year round.  I now realize that being some what of a feminist a lot of the ideas on this movie belittle women…but I don’t care!  I love this movie because it was the first movie I ever saw.

3.  Slumdog millionaire

LOL I AM LIKE EVERY BROWN PERSON ALIVE.  And I will not deny that I cried like a baby for the entirety of this movie.  It was SO very good and I couldn’t help myself.  I will, however, not answer anyone else who asks me if India is really like this movie.  And I could care less if you want to “save ALL the slumdogs of India”!

4.  Three Idiots

“Pursue excellence and success will follow”

This movies is actually one of the few movies that changed my life.  I want to meet Amir Khan one day to tell him that he is fact AMAZING and that he made me proud of going for business and not medicine.  And if he wants to marry me because of my fantastic personality and glowing smile, it’s icing.  (Please don’t take me serious, not even a little bit, I’m not THIS insane) This movie helped me realize that being my best was so much more important than being the best and that everyone is unique and talented in their own way.