How To Style a Lengha

If you’re an Indian woman, chances are that you have a lengha sitting in your closet. It feels like such a shame to me that such a beautiful garment could be worn maybe once or twice and then completely forgotten. Which is why I decided to show you some ways to style a lengha.

Special thank you to my friends at Mallari Productions for such amazing photos.

First Look: Traditional Outfit 


Second Look: Lengha Botton and tank top 


Last Look: Lengha Top and Leather Skirt 


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Sari Sunday October 11, 2015

image image image

Today I wore a simple yellow salwar. The pants just did not fit :X so I paired it with white salwar pants from a different salwar, I actually really liked how this salwar looked with white. I’m also wearing these shoes from Clarks. My feet are wide but they somehow fit into these boots. I did feel a little pain from wearing these. The struggle of having wide feet!  But these shoes are my mom’s so I won’t be wearing them that often. I recently decided to start wearing WIDE shoes instead of forcing myself to wear medium size shoes and feeling pain all day. I hope ya’ll are having a great Sunday! Below is a picture of me wearing this same salwar a different way.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 9.44.17 PM

I am seriously tempted to cut my hair again! I’m not into my current hair length and short hair was nice. But I’m going to try to grow it out long again and then make the chop again. A little girl once told me I looked like the princess from Tangled, that was the best day of my life. LOL Just Joking, a little.

Sari Sunday- September 13, 2015


I don’t know if anyone else’s parents do this but my mom has a suitcase where she saves all my extra special salwars. It was inside my mom’s secret suitcase that I found this stunning salwar. It was a gift from a close family friend who goes to my church. My favorite aspect of this salwar is the neckline. To be honest, I dressed up because it felt wrong not to do so in such a beautiful salwar.

The bracelet I’m wearing here is from Baublebar, my friend Anitha and I have the same one. It’s our friendship bracelet! Because we’re forever on vacation. 😉

Sari Sunday- September 6, 2015


I had a moment today that sorta put things into perspective for me. I felt silly posting fashion pictures thinking of the grand scale of things.

My dad got into a biking accident and he’s okay but he so easily got hurt in one second more than he ever was in his entire life. I saw how fragile the man who raised me was and reminded me to never forget that every day is a gift. I could have not existed or my life could have been cut short at any time. But, I’m alive. 

So in this picture I am very fragile as we are all very fragile. But I realize that because I believe in an eternity, being fragile isn’t so scary. I have no reason to be afraid. (Although I will be cautious!)