25 Days of Christmas (Day 16)

     053I had the chance to visit this place called Penelope with Peace and Maksim!


These two got a picture together again after two years of not seeing each other!


The last time the two of us were all together was two years ago!  Now, unto our Christmas quotes:

Peace:  We were putting up the Christmas tree, it wasn’t Christmas day, it was around that time.  And I stepped on an ornament and this triangular shard went up my toe.  And I was so scared that my mom was going to try to take it out or take me to the hospital, neither of which I wanted to experience.  So I hobbled to my room and I prayed for three hours because it wouldn’t come out.  Three hours later it finally came out.  I never told my mom because I knew I would be in trouble.  I thought I’d have to get it amputated.  It was scary, but I got through it.

Maksim: Thanks to God.


Maksim: So I’ll tell you what I do for Christmas as a Jew, we actually have a Christmas tradition.  We go to the Rockefeller center and don’t look at the Christmas tree.  That’s the one time during the season there aren’t that many people.  Then we walk down 5th avenue and we pass by FAO Schwarz.  As a little kid it was open on Christmas but now it’s closed and it’s so sad.

25 Days of Christmas (Day 12)


(Day 12) Samantha Bendernagel

“Warning to all believers.  Stop, do not read.

My family moved when I was in fourth grade and then I was worried that Santa wouldn’t know my address and think the other kids were me and I couldn’t have that.  So I wrote him a letter in July so he would know, [saying]

‘Dear Santa this is Samantha J Bendernagel, I used to live at, my old address but now I just moved here.  I don’t want you to forget about me.  Sorry for the extra trip, but I can make it worth your while.  Do you like chocolate chip cookies?  Do you like regular milk or chocolate milk?’

So my parents were cracking up about this and thought it would be funny to write back.  They wrote me this letter and I’m in school the next day saying ‘Santa Claus wrote me back’.  My mom made the candy cane outline, it was the real deal.  Yeah, so I was so pumped about it.  And a lot of kids were trying to say ‘He’s not real’ and I was like ‘But he didn’t write you a letter though’.

Christmas eve that year I got the cookies and milk he wanted.  Every Christmas eve I would go to bed and my parents and my sister would help put up the tree.  But then I realized I forgot to give Santa milk. I go downstairs and see my parents put presents underneath the tree.  I’m at the top and I went back to my room and cried myself to sleep.

I woke the next day and was like, ‘LIARS!’, needless to say, I was not happy.”

25 days of Christmas (Day 7)


(Day 7)  Keziah Babu

“This one year I was really excited for Christmas because I thought Santa was coming, but my parents said he wasn’t.  Then someone rang the doorbell on Christmas and gave my mom a trash bag.  My mom said it was Santa Claus which confused me because it was a trash bag, but it was filled with toys!”