Day 23: Favorite Movie


I have a feeling that whoever made this 30 day Challenge got lazy seeing as how they repeated a day.  But none the less, I’m excited to tell you AGAIN about my favorite movie, and maybe convince you to watch it if you haven’t already.

There are very few moments that change my life and seldom movies, but this movie changed my life.  It taught me so much about pursuing my passions and that which is important to me.  It may have added to my unrelenting love of Amir Khan as well!

This movie was so wonderfully crafted and even a little bit elegant in its plot design and structure.  And seeing as how I love bollywood movies, I ate up every second of this one.


Life is too short to let the opinions of other dictate what you want to do.  And this movie taught me that a million different ways.  It’s funny,charming and a feel good movie that never loses its class.