Sari Sunday- July 5, 2015

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I woke up today feeling super tired, I wanted a simple outfit that I could put on quickly. I know we all have those days when we just feel exhausted but don’t want to look exhausted.

After I showered my hair was really curly and beginning to frizz. I remedied this problem by adding Kukui oil (pictured above). I didn’t use Dheedhi oil but I took a picture of the bottle because I highly recommend leaving oil in your hair. If you have problems with frizz you just leave some of this oil in your hair for 10 minutes before you bathe and your hair should be silkier.

After adding Kukui oil I did a fishtail braid to the side and was really happy with how the braid came out. This salwar was also easy enough to wear but the pants would go down. It’s the tiny parts of an outfit that make you either love it or hate it and the discomfort of pulling my pants up was enough to make me feel really annoyed by this salwar.

Despite the annoyance of the pants, I love the design of this outfit! I was able to pair it with my black Lands end heels, creating a sophisticated look (in my opinion).

That’s all for this week, I hope you’re enjoying your Forth of July weekend!

Fun Fact: I took all of these pictures, mostly with a tripod! It was an interesting experience…