25 Days of Christmas (Day 18)


(Day 18) Lydia Babu

“I didn’t care if Santa existed, I kinda had a hunch.  Whenever they said they’d leave Christmas cookies out for Santa and that Santa would eat them, I said, ‘No he doesn’t, it’s probably your parents”… And I was right…I figured it out when I was six or seven but I didn’t really believe in Santa.”

25 Days of Christmas (Day 16)

     053I had the chance to visit this place called Penelope with Peace and Maksim!


These two got a picture together again after two years of not seeing each other!


The last time the two of us were all together was two years ago!  Now, unto our Christmas quotes:

Peace:  We were putting up the Christmas tree, it wasn’t Christmas day, it was around that time.  And I stepped on an ornament and this triangular shard went up my toe.  And I was so scared that my mom was going to try to take it out or take me to the hospital, neither of which I wanted to experience.  So I hobbled to my room and I prayed for three hours because it wouldn’t come out.  Three hours later it finally came out.  I never told my mom because I knew I would be in trouble.  I thought I’d have to get it amputated.  It was scary, but I got through it.

Maksim: Thanks to God.


Maksim: So I’ll tell you what I do for Christmas as a Jew, we actually have a Christmas tradition.  We go to the Rockefeller center and don’t look at the Christmas tree.  That’s the one time during the season there aren’t that many people.  Then we walk down 5th avenue and we pass by FAO Schwarz.  As a little kid it was open on Christmas but now it’s closed and it’s so sad.

25 Days of Christmas (Day 13)


(Day 13) Shaina Mathew

Shaina: “I give really good gifts only to get really bad ones in return.  I’m not kidding.  I got socks one time.  I love socks but like the fuzzy good quality ones, not like ones with words on it like “oh great” or weird stuff.  One of my friends who I really liked, I gave her a full out present, I gave her a snow globe, I gave her all this stuff.  Mind you I was in second grade, I wasn’t really creative with my gifts but I still gave her a pretty good gift.  And she gave me socks.  My parents were like, ‘Is that why you gave her all of this, to get socks?'”

Joel:  “One time I got a pack of gum and then they ate it- they didn’t even give it to me.”