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Whenever I’m shopping for new things, I love to ask my friends for advice. If they have been using a product for a while and love it- I know it’s safe to trying using it myself.

Below are some different categories with products I really enjoying using! Please keep in mind that by using my link, I get a small commission if you choose to buy anything I mention.


Many people dissuaded me from purchasing the Canon EOS 70D, arguing that the actual lens of your camera makes the biggest difference in your final product. But in my case, buying this camera body was such a gamer changer for me when filing YouTube videos because of the flip out screen. I could finally see myself and my videos were no longer blurry!

The Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Art DC HSM Lens for Canon is the way I am able to get a super blurry background for my ‘talking head’ videos. It also takes stunning photos and is excellent for portraits.

Christian Reading