Here’s what I Learned Getting my Bra Fitted at Nordstroms

Me inside the fitting room at Nordstroms.

I really debated sharing on this topic but decided to write this blog post because I believe every young women should get their bra fitted and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two from my experience.

The first time I ever thought of getting my bra fitted by someone other than a Victoria Secret employee was during my teaching residency. I was at a school in the Bronx when I learned that one of the mentor teachers at the school actually took her female students on a school trip to get their bra fitted. Once my initial shock subsided I was really impressed. It’s a common occurrence for many young women to wear the wrong bra or type of bra and who can blame you? Many of us are blissfully unaware of the world of bra fittings and it feels a bit taboo to learn about it. Below are a few tips I learned from getting fitted at Nordstroms.

IMG_3485The process for getting fitted is a bit- intimate.

I’m a grown woman I still found it really intimidating to get fitted. You are brought into a room and measured. The sales associate will then bring a bra for you to try on based on what she thinks your size is. Afterwards you will be given a few bras in that size and various styles to try on.

You should regularly get fitted.

Your body changes! It was funny because when I walked in and told the sales associate I wanted to get fitted she initially asked me when was the last time I got fitted. She was shocked to learn that I had only been fitted at Victoria Secret and even that was a long time ago.

 You’re probably wearing the wrong size. 

I honestly thought I knew my size because I have been fitted before at Victoria Secret and I have measured myself at home. However, I was wrong and wrong by a lot! I can’t tell you how much better it felt when the sales associate let me feel and try a bra that was actually the right size.

There are certain signs to look for when trying on a bra. 

It will be hard to explain via a blog post but the center “heart” portion of your bra should fit comfortably against your skin. Click here for a video by Nordstrom that may clarify further.

Cup sizes relate to band length. 


When I was being sized I was surprised to learn that cup size is relative to band length. For example- let’s say that you are measured and initially believed to be a 32B, is that band is too tight, your size is actually a 34A. It took me sometime to wrap my head around that. Hence, why many women may wrong a size with a 36 band which only seems to fit.

The bras are pretty pricey. 

Being honest here, I didn’t preview the prices beforehand. I was shocked to see that the prices ranged from $69 and up for a bra. I recommend you make sure you have money before the appointment in case you fall in love with a bra but just make note of the brands you like and buy discounted prices once you know your correct size. Or if you’re a baller- buy all the bras you like there. I fell in love with a really simple bra and decided to buy it.

If you regularly wear your bras, they will only last you 6 months and should then be replaced. 

The above is more of just a fun fact. Did you know that? However, you bras will last much longer if you maybe only wear a bra once a week. But if you rotate between 2-3 bras a week that they’ll likely be unusable after 6 months.

I hope this blog post was helpful! Wearing the right bra makes a huge difference in how you feel in your clothes as well as how your clothes look on you. 

Re: Roomtogrow

1) What is your motivation behind certain things you undertake? What drives you?

I like this question a lot, I guess because it asks me to tap into this part of myself that I’ve almost always had.  When I was really young I was really unmotivated but my mother motivated me.  I remember thinking that getting a B in a class as big deal,  fast forward to high school and I cringe when I get anything less than an A.  My mom encouraged me to try as hard as I can because I could be the best I could.  I’m motivated by my desire to actually do something of worth in my life, and to know that I did the very best I could at the end of the day.

2) What is your favorite holiday?

I like Thanksgiving the best, I guess because its the one holiday when I can actually do something with my church and we do it every year without fail.  I don’t have a lot of things that certain in my life, but I know that every thanksgiving will start with my church and there’s something really nice and reassuring about certainty.  Plus the food is always good.  🙂

3) Do you get irritated/upset easily? If so, by what?

Oh yes I get angry very easily!  Sometimes I’ll just be in a bad mood or something will offset it.  But I’ve learned not the let my emotions get the best of me, its not fair to anyone.  So if and when I do get upset I try to pull myself out of that mood.  If I can’t I wallow in sadness or anger by myself for a little bit!  But sometimes its just the best way to deal with it.  Because allowing myself to be angry is like a drug.  Indulging feels great, but there’s always the aftermath.  I’ve broken MANY phones because something caused me to become angry,and in the end it’s not worth it.  Being angry is only satisfying in the moment.

4) What is your favorite thing to do on a hot summer day?

I LOVE finding a book I’m dying to read, siting down in the place where its sunny but not to hot and just reading.  Maybe have iced tea on the side and just read all day.  My mom may scream in terror when she sees I’ve become ten shades darker, but nothing feels better than finding a good book and reading it.

5) What is your definition of faith? Love?

My definition of faith is

Hebrews 11:11

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see

I believe love is selflessness, loving someone so much that their happiness and joy is more important than your own could ever be.  Is that not the best thing you can do?  Put other people’s needs and desires before your own?  If someone can do that for you, then you know you’ve found a keeper!  Because it’s easy to say, but so hard to do in practice.

6) What is unconditional love to you?

It’ll sound corny fo’ sure to you.  But unconditional love to me is what Jesus did on the cross.  He didn’t have to do it, we didn’t deserve it, but he did it for us.  That’s love.  Something so deep and vast you find yourself lost in it.  That’s the love that Christ has for us each and everyday.

7) What kind of hopes do you have about this life? Or maybe about the life afterward?

I want to break the mold.  I want to be happy and stop caring about all of these things that are so unimportant.  I want to live breaking the conventions and teach my children to never be ashamed of themselves or their faith.  I want to live for Christ and be someone who is so in love with God that nothing else can really matter at the end of the day.


Ask Nina 40/365

Who’d a thunk formspring would be such a great resource for questions for my blog?

My anonymous formspringer [who I am assuming is the same person from before] posted another question for me to answer, and I actually think it will be a bit of a challenge for me to answer, but I will sincerely try my hardest.

Why are there starving and sick people in this world? If everyone has a specific plan and purpose by God, whats theirs? – answer in blog please 🙂

[btw I don’t know why the font comes up larger when I copy and paste it, but it does smh.]

It makes me feel horrible when I think about all the people in the world who need something, whether it be tangible or intangible, and I know I can do nothing for them.  Some people need to feel like someone loves them, some people need someone to believe in them, and some people lack the basic substances needed for their survival.

But when I also think about this situation, I also think about the fact that I’m sitting on my butt sipping an arizona iced tea and although I feel bad when I think about these people, I have done absolutely nothing in my life to  help one of them.  That is beyond donating old clothes that I honestly didn’t care about anymore.  If you really care about those people who are starving them GO OUT AND HELP THEM!

It is our duty, not only as Christians, but as humans, to do everything we can to help those in need.   Because God had given us free will, because we have the ability to sin and make choices, imperfection is inevitable.  People WILL be hurt if they have no love in their family, or not enough money for food, or even if someone simply wrongs them.

I truly believe that God has a purpose in our lives and that things are never as it appears.  The people I feel are most blessed are people like me, I was born into my faith and because of that I KNOW the truth.  All I can do is spread this message and hope to help these people in whatever way I can.

I know it seems horrible that some people are starving but I KNOW they have a purpose, maybe a purpose I don’t understand or truly know just yet, or maybe they do not know.   Our lives here are just a second of eternity and even though I don’t always understand his ways I will still praise God [I copied that from a song, I’ll put it at the end].

I hope I was able to somewhat answer your question, and please feel free to ask anymore.  At the end of the day all we can do it try to the very person we can be and maybe, just maybe, we can help someone in need.

See you tomorrow,


**If you want I can try to find ways that my bloggers can help out people in need, whether it be sending food or trying to go on mission trips.

Ask Nina-39/365

How are all of you guys doing? I’m going to be having a few posts about [GOOD ONES] in a little bit so get pumped.  I would say who asked me this question, but I don’t know who.  It was actually given to me through a Formspring question, which either means whoever asked it was yanking my chain or sincerely wanted an answer.  Regardless of what the reason for the question is, I’ll answer it.  Because, I have only done 2 Ask Nina posts this far.

this world was created in the basis of a philosophy called equivalent exchange.  this philosophy states to obtain something of equal value must be most.  then tell me why i”ve lost everything and gained nothing that does not seem just in gods eye does it?

In all honesty, this is the FIRST time I ever even heard about a philosophy called equivalent exchange, but I did some google-ing to learn about it.  I could really only find 2 different web sites with SOMETHING about it, and they said pretty much the same thing that you did [noted one website was urban dictionary].

It then suddenly came to me, the problem with your question was that you had made an assumption.  Your assumption was that the world was created on this philosophy, when in actuality, its not.

I assumed you were Christian because at the very end of your statement you said “…then tell me why i”ve lost everything and gained nothing that does not seem just in gods eye does it?” So I’m going to turn you to the story of a man named Job.

I would tell you it right now, but in all honesty there are so many resources that you can find to learn about it [that is if you don’t already know], I can retell it if you REALLY want me to, but I have to get some sleep tonight so I’m going to try to answer this fast.

Basically what you need to learn from the story of Job is the fact that this theory is false.  Just because you give away 5 pennies, doesn’t mean you’ll get 5 pennies back.  In fact you may give 5 pennies and lose all of them, or you may give 5 pennies and get TEN back!

I’m sorry that you feel as though you’ve lost everything, and I’m guessing based on the fact that you believe in a theory that states you get back as much as you give, that you initially gave something.  But if it makes you feel better I’m sure you haven’t lost EVERYTHING.  You gave me a question and not only did I respond, I actually REALLY TRIED to answer it as best as I could.  I believe that our lives are only meaningful if we are truly happy.

I can’t promise you that if you pay 1 dollar for a lottery ticket, you’ll win the jackpot.  Or that if you pay 5 dollars for your metro card, it’ll always let you in on the first swipe [i hate when it does that to me!], or that you can pour your heart into something it will succeed.  BUT what I can promise you, is that you if you pray and earnestly seek God, he will answer you.

See you tomorrow,


Ask Nina-25/365

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from [as always]

Its technically a new day!

1. What changes have you seen after reading Bible ?

In all honesty I had been brought up in a Christian home and so had my father’s father and so on;  because of this I can’t argue that there was an obvious change.  I was brought up reading the bible as long as I can remember.  BUT what I have found is that reading the bible has made my everyday life much better.  Times that I take to read the bible, I feel happier.  The bible has SO much wisdom that we can all use in our everyday lives and when I really sit down and read it, its impact is incredible.

2. What is your wish, if God ask you to wish anything and you will get it?

Well I’d like to think that if I asked anything from God sincerely I would receive it.  Following the concept of “ask and you will receive”, but if I were asked what I would ask for RIGHT now?  I guess I’d ask for wisdom like Solomon, that’s probably the best thing I could receive.

3. Your Favorite spiritual song that you love to sing always ?

That’s a hard one because so many songs have really touched my heart, but two sings I LOVE are Mighty to Save and Hosanna because of how much they impact my life.

4.What’s your interesting thing about you ?

Umm well I guess one interesting thing about me is the fact that the ministry runs in my family.  My grandmother’s father used to write Christian songs in our native language.  [I’ve always thought that was cool]

See you tomorrow,


**THANK YOU so much for questions, it makes posts so much easier :/  I won’t be doing Ask Nina questions EVERYDAY though.  I’ll save these for a day without inspiration.  OH and I really do love answering questions about myself but I would also like to give you guys advice with your own lives so please feel free to ask those as well.

On the video Mighty to Save someone commented

2 days ago 13 

I’ve never heard any atheist articulate why their world view is not devoid of hope. If God does not exist, then we must ultimately live without hope. You grow old, deteriorate, struggle with health issues, and perhaps senility will rob you of all your memories, and then you die with no afterlife beyond the grave. It begs the question: what is the point of existence without God. However wonderful a life an atheist has, it is rendered ultimately futile and meaningless.

SO true!

Ask Nina-24/365


SO I FINALLY have some Ask Nina questions from a loyal follower of my blog [or so I’d like to think so], minilaptop410.  I’ll be honest and say I didn’t expect to get questions about ME, but I did say I’d answer anything so here we go.

1. Have you ever questioned your faith?

Yes, definitely.  I wish I could say that I’ve always been sure of my religion and that I never doubted it once… but I have.  The first real time I experienced doubt was when a close friend of mine admitted to becoming an atheist[originally a Christian and hiding their conversion].  They would always question my faith and tell me things were wrong about the bible, or holy spirit and it became very hard to not believe them.  It was very hard at the time, I remember wanting to show them Christ but having SUCH a hard time with it!  They used to only read this bible that showed all the contradictions or wrong facts and so on found in the bible.  It became hard not the believe them.  But that’s the thing about faith, it requires you to not use your head or facts but to follow your heart and seek God.  I’m not saying that you can’t prove that God exists by facts in the bible, but that ultimately faith is not something that can be proven.  So to answer your question, yes I have questioned my faith before.  The way I looked at it, the more I question my faith and make sure what I am believing is true, the more I can follow God completely.

2. What is your main goal in life?

My main goal in life…I’ve actually never thought about this.  I know that I may want to go into the field of business, but life?  From what I know now, I plan on working hard in school and participating in mission trips through my church during my off time.  Once I finish studying I may take time off just to evangelize but nothing is written in stone just yet.  In all honesty I don’t really know my main goal in life just yet.

3. Why do people ask for advice but never follow it?

Well, I don’t think that necessarily true.  I know that I’ve asked for advice SO many times in my life and I’ve definitely used a large portion of it.  For the part I didn’t use, well I think that a part of me already knows what I want to do.  I was actually asking for advice a while back from a friend.  I was saying, “Should I buy candy of get ACTUAL food?” and she said “ACTUAL FOOD!  I mean its Halloween so you’ll get tons later on anyway.”, and I then said “YEAH, great idea, but I don’t celebrate Halloween so I’ll just-” “then get candy!””but but food is better because-”  “Come on you already know what you want!  Just get food then!”  Sorry that was more confusing that I thought it would be, but basically so many times we kind of know what we want and just want reassurance, so when our advice isn’t reassurance, we don’t follow it.

4. What is your favorite food?

There’s this small little deli like or really restaurant like place near my school with the BEST paninis.  It’s literally the food I look forward to most in the world.  That and cutlets  =)  mmmmm.
5. What are your favorite hobbies?

I actually love to sing and read.  An odd combination but they top the list.  Singing because, I dunno I just love it, there’s a feeling I get when I get a duet or a solo, I just love how it feels when I sing!  [I’m not very good though XD].  And reading because it captivates me, it’s as if my body and mind are transported into this new amazing world and….it’s just the best feeling!  Like watching your best television show except at your own pace and you don’t need DVR to hit pause or rewind.  And everything is up to your imagination.  In my Twilight Edward was MUCH more handsome.

See you tomorrow,


** and thank you minilaptop410 for the questions!