Here’s what I Learned Getting my Bra Fitted at Nordstroms

Me inside the fitting room at Nordstroms.

I really debated sharing on this topic but decided to write this blog post because I believe every young women should get their bra fitted and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two from my experience.

The first time I ever thought of getting my bra fitted by someone other than a Victoria Secret employee was during my teaching residency. I was at a school in the Bronx when I learned that one of the mentor teachers at the school actually took her female students on a school trip to get their bra fitted. Once my initial shock subsided I was really impressed. It’s a common occurrence for many young women to wear the wrong bra or type of bra and who can blame you? Many of us are blissfully unaware of the world of bra fittings and it feels a bit taboo to learn about it. Below are a few tips I learned from getting fitted at Nordstroms.

IMG_3485The process for getting fitted is a bit- intimate.

I’m a grown woman I still found it really intimidating to get fitted. You are brought into a room and measured. The sales associate will then bring a bra for you to try on based on what she thinks your size is. Afterwards you will be given a few bras in that size and various styles to try on.

You should regularly get fitted.

Your body changes! It was funny because when I walked in and told the sales associate I wanted to get fitted she initially asked me when was the last time I got fitted. She was shocked to learn that I had only been fitted at Victoria Secret and even that was a long time ago.

 You’re probably wearing the wrong size. 

I honestly thought I knew my size because I have been fitted before at Victoria Secret and I have measured myself at home. However, I was wrong and wrong by a lot! I can’t tell you how much better it felt when the sales associate let me feel and try a bra that was actually the right size.

There are certain signs to look for when trying on a bra. 

It will be hard to explain via a blog post but the center “heart” portion of your bra should fit comfortably against your skin. Click here for a video by Nordstrom that may clarify further.

Cup sizes relate to band length. 


When I was being sized I was surprised to learn that cup size is relative to band length. For example- let’s say that you are measured and initially believed to be a 32B, is that band is too tight, your size is actually a 34A. It took me sometime to wrap my head around that. Hence, why many women may wrong a size with a 36 band which only seems to fit.

The bras are pretty pricey. 

Being honest here, I didn’t preview the prices beforehand. I was shocked to see that the prices ranged from $69 and up for a bra. I recommend you make sure you have money before the appointment in case you fall in love with a bra but just make note of the brands you like and buy discounted prices once you know your correct size. Or if you’re a baller- buy all the bras you like there. I fell in love with a really simple bra and decided to buy it.

If you regularly wear your bras, they will only last you 6 months and should then be replaced. 

The above is more of just a fun fact. Did you know that? However, you bras will last much longer if you maybe only wear a bra once a week. But if you rotate between 2-3 bras a week that they’ll likely be unusable after 6 months.

I hope this blog post was helpful! Wearing the right bra makes a huge difference in how you feel in your clothes as well as how your clothes look on you. 

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