Mac Pro Palette

macmac1mac2mac3After getting my makeup done professionally for the first time last Saturday, I felt inspired to begin my own “high-end” makeup palette after years of really only using drugstore products and the occasional item from Sephora. The pro palette is magnetic! I was going to buy magnets but the pans stuck by themselves to the pro palette. One tin is from my Ipsy bag and does not stick magnetically but everything else is great. The purpose of this palate for me is a “go-to” everyday essentials kit. I have three eyeshadows, concealer and blush! All that’s really missing is powder, eyeliner and some mascara but otherwise I’m set with this for really any basic makeup looks I may want to achieve.

Below are the Mac items in my palette, one blush was part of my Ipsy bag so I’m not sure where that’s from.

Powder Blush (Pro Palette Refill Pan)
Burnt Pepper

Eye Shadow (Pro Palette Refill Pan)


Eye Shadow (Pro Palette Refill Pan)


M·A·C Studio Finish Concealer (ProPalette Refill Pan)


Pro Palette Large / Duo (Compact)


Tell me what you think!

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