Sari Sunday- April 3,2016


I took these pictures last week and although it’s not officially Sunday- I just really wanted to upload them!  My cousin Abigail took these and I was really blown away with how they turned out. Sometimes I take picture after picture and feel dissatisfied, as much as I pose for pictures- at times, I wish I could just take them. I have always loved aesthetics so this blog gives me life in so many ways!  I love editing pictures and changing poses and what not, all for that one picture that looks great to me.

This white sari was paired with a black/gold sequined blouse. I really liked the idea of contrasting the blouse and sari colour. ( Pro tip: Buy any staple black blouse and you can wear it with a variety of saris) I’m glad it didn’t look crazy (unless it does…).

Anyway, I hope you have a great Sunday and thank you to my friends who like, comment, share and so on… It’s nice to know people actually look at this site!



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