Kate Spade Vs. Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

I’m an agenda person, I always have been. I love writing things down in pretty colors and feeling organized. Last year I splurged around Christmas time and purchased a Kate Spade agenda (link to a video of my review of this) for 20% off at Bloomingdales.

I have a few months left in my current agenda but it seemed to be “new” agenda season and with the array of agenda available I jumped on the chance to buy a very small Lilly Pulitzer agenda. This post is to give you my honest opinion of these two agendas and which I prefer. I haven’t had a chance to practically use my new Lilly Pulitzer agenda yet but so far I prefer my Lilly Pulitzer agenda over my Kate Spade Agenda. 

Size and Price- Winner, Lilly Pulitzer 

Let’s start with size. These are the smallest sizes you can get of these agendas (I believe). My Kate Spade Agenda was honestly way to heavy and bulky for me to carry around to work and school. I hear that many people opt to buy the bigger version of the Kate Spade Agendas and use them as desk planners. The Lilly Pulitzer agenda was just a bit smaller but felt perfect. It was also just $16 full retail price while my Kate Spade planner cost me around $25 and was on sale, ouch.


Design- Winner, Tie

Now, did Kate Spade ever have a chance? Lilly Pulitzer comes with stickers! My brother saw my Lilly Pulitzer agenda and was immediately drawn to it and thought it was cute. I showed him my Kate Spade agenda and he was not amused, he thought it was bland. 

Back when I purchased my Kate Spade planner I loved the simplicity and elegance of the design. I appreciated the witty headings before each month. But, I’ve grown tired of its blandness and truly appreciate the vibrancy of this Lilly Pulitzer planner. However, I remember how much I yearned and loved Kate Spade’s design not so long ago so I would argue that these two agenda tie in terms of their visual appeal.

image image

Lilly Pulitzer uses different colored tabs and seemed to have more sections than my Kate Spade Agenda.

image imageBoth Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer had “cute” mantras to introduce each month but the Lilly Pulitzer designs were much more elaborate.

imageLastly, the Lilly Pulitzer Agenda has random “extras” like plans for my “next adventure”. I don’t know how useful this would actually be to me but I liked having it there.

Overall, I am in favor of the Lilly Pulitzer Agenda but loved my Kate Spade Agenda when it was first purchased. I don’t think you can go wrong either way but if you want to save a few bucks, buy a Lilly Pulitzer Agenda. If you really want a simplistic “adult” Agenda, go for Kate Spade.

Tell me what you think!

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