Sari Sunday- May 31, 2015

imageimage image image image

It has been quite some time since I’ve posted! I was away for the last 12 days recharging and spending time with my family in India. I start my masters program tomorrow so I wanted some time to relax before delving into school work. I have a few pictures to share from that trip but I’ll post those later on.

In the pictures above I’m wearing a traditional Kerala sari but with a fancy “ready made” blouse. You need staple Indian clothing, I never realized this before, and a gold sari blouse is definitely one necessity. Gold goes with so many sari patterns and this blouse in particular makes the entire outfit look more classy, at least in my opinion.

I purchased this sari blouse from Kaylan Silks for around 1,500 rupees but I’m wary of this company because my cousins warned me against purchasing from Kaylan Silks for many reasons (overpriced, bad quality of clothing). The sari is from Seemati and was actually purchased for someone else but I kept it because we were supposed to buy a different pattern for said person but misunderstood.

As always thank you to Keziah for such amazing pictures.


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