Oh, how He loves you!

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The above picture is from the “Everything” skit.  

Whenever I hear a really great message, I must share it!  All credit is given to the speaker of this message, Jay Koopman.  He spoke on this topic at my church this past Friday.

Think back to a time when you were in love, or really loved something.  It could be a video game…or a human.  But regardless of whether it was a person of thing, when you were in love, you longed to spend time with that object or person.  Sometimes our problem is that we don’t experience God’s love in our life. We cannot “get right” with God by the things that we do, we need his love.

Now, the amazing thing about the Holy Spirit is that is has the ability to change us and thus, those around us.  Koopman began by saying that we will change the world, but first we ourselves need to be transformed.

When you look at the story of Samson in the bible, Samson was never supposed to have his hair cut.  In fact, his strength was never utilized until the end of his life because he was so scared of losing his hair.

When we look at the bible we see that we will have the authority to:

-Cast out demons

-Heal the sick

-Raise the dead

But how many of us do this?  The reason we do not is because we are not free.  Samson too was not free to live in his blessing.  

At one point in Koopman’s life, he rid himself of everything secular in an attempt to win God’s approval.  When the devil would try to hurt him, he felt as though God had abandoned him.  The problem was that he did not understand God’s love for him.

After he spoke, Koopman asked us to come to the front and open our palms expectant of God’s love.  I’ve seen and experienced many things in my life but nothing compares to feeling God’s love.

Someone once told me that we all have a “God sized” hole, we have that hole for a reason.  Nothing compares to the love of God, and nothing can replace it.

Tell me what you think!

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