College Vlog!


Hello friends, above is a video of a college “vlog” that I recorded a few weeks ago.  It’s crazy but I only had a chance to edit this video today!  I’m so grateful that I do not have school today!  I love vacations and this break came at the perfect time.  For those of you still in school, doesn’t summer vacation feel like a weird time of the year?  It always has, at least for me.  It’s an odd period of my life because I find myself having more free time than I’m really used to.

I love breaks, but I actually also really love school.  Hopefully my video will give you an idea of why I love school so much!

I hope you enjoy the video!  Let me know what kinds of videos/blogs you want to get from me.  Comment down below and I can try to get one up for this Sunday.  (How to Video, Vlog, Answer Video on a particular topic…)

I hope you have an amazing Thursday!


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