Airplanes and boarding passes and terminals, oh my!


I’m writing this the second day of trip to India.  My cousin is getting married so my mother and I trekked across the world to get to India with enough time to hear them say, “I do”.  Or whatever the Indian equivalent of that would be.


Traveling a flight which totals around 15 hours can take a whole lot out of a person.  Keeping that in mind, I want to comment on some things that crossed my mind during the flight.


Airplane Food is awesome-sauce


Seriously!  Who ever said otherwise?  They give you a full course meal and I’m pretty sure I was fed around 4 times during my 15 hour flight.  Considering I would have normally slept through 8 of those hours I was surprised by how much food was being given to me.


That being said, the food was awesome.  You have options: vegetarian or meat.  Then when you actually get your food you have your entrée, desert, and normally two side dishes.  I’m pretty sure I’ve had worse food experiences at McDonalds.  Adding to this, I didn’t feel like I swallowed a newborn fetus after finishing my food.  I felt well fed and moved on.


That time we lost our boarding pass


Somehow this time coming to India I kept dropping my boarding pass here and there.  My mom was checking to make sure we had our passes and dropped them by accident leaving them in the aisle as she freaked out wondering where they were.  These passes were later returned to us by the airhostess telling us to make sure we were more careful next time.


It may seem silly but thinking we lost our boarding pass felt like such a traumatic experience at the time.  I admit that there are options when losing something like that but when you need to transfer in an hour, most of the time you want to move as quickly as possible.  Losing your passes and relying on an e-ticket can feel a little scary.


Finding yourself in a new world after a short lifetime


Finally after the grueling, demanding, delicious and even expensive journey-we found ourselves in India.  And at that moment seeing my aunt after years, my journey and everything else endured seems worthwhile.


Then the world, or India became our oyster.



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