Santa is real?

Yesterday my mother told me that Santa was real.  Keep in mind that I am a nineteen year old college student.  At first I kind of just made a nervous chuckle and then decided to ask her why she thought Santa was real.  “He’s in our department stores, on our wrapping paper, drawn on our cards.  He’s definitely real” she retorted.  And in many ways, she’s never been more correct.

Santa Clause may not be real in the mythological sense.  He doesn’t actually deliver presents to our house and come down our chimneys.  But he’s very real in so many other ways.  Our culture thrives on the idea of him coming and he fills our thoughts and minds in a very real way.

We’ve forgotten what the actually meaning of Christmas is anymore.  Jesus wasn’t even born on December 25th, yet we give each other gifts and go into credit card debt pretending that he was.  If anything, Santa takes the gold on Christmas.  And with that same idea, Santa is very real.

It really all depends on the way you define real.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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