Maksim 00:69 aka “The Chosen One”

Max is someone who should have been in my best friends post but because I didn’t include him in then he is now getting an entire post to himself!  Hopefully no one gets jelly.  (Get it, like jealous? LUL) Max really is one of the most outrageous people I know.  I still remember taking this picture of him when Catherine and I were hanging out in his dorm room.  But the thing about Max is he is also one of the best friends I have and I’m so happy I know him.  He’s an older brother to me who can protect me from the cruel world!  And whenever I need him, he’s there for me.  Max can be annoying, but that’s part of his charm!  I have this journal entry I wrote maybe the day before our last at the dorms.  And apparently Max was talking about he wanted to enlist in the army and maybe model on the side.  This is why I love this kid.  He’s so weird and he doesn’t care about who thinks he’s weird. Well actually he does but that’s a WHOLE other story…

Thanks for being my friend MaP!  🙂

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