A post I made about my internship, learn more about me here!


Hello everyone!  It’s Nina again!  This past week during production meeting time for The Ticket, we began talking about ways God was using us in our individual lives.  Kevin (CEO of Kevin Davis Productions and my boss!) began talking about an idea that seemed very odd to me at first.  He said that God calls all of us to be extraordinary, but so many of us just settle with being ordinary.

On my way to the production meeting I was listening to a podcast by Joel Osteen, a pastor of a very successful church, and he was talking about how God calls us to get A’s, but we settle of C’s.  At the time I was thinking about everything that was going on in my life.  I’m taking a condensed and very difficult as well as demanding summer class.  I’m interning for a musical that will be on the…

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