Day 16: Dream house



I literally went on tumblr and search dream home and pulled the pictures I loved the most.  I’d love a bedroom like this if I had a few children so they could all share a nice neat space together.


Of course with all those children I need a large bathroom, and why not make it super classy?

I want a nice place where I cant sit and relax and maybe even just spend some time with my family.

This guest room would be for my brother and when he’s not there, I can just read until my heart’s content!

I just like the idea of this, an alcove on top with a beautiful spacious living room!

And I need a secret club house, of course!


2 thoughts on “Day 16: Dream house”

    1. I know right! It looks so amazing! I could imagine collecting all these amazing books. And maybe when I’m retired just starting each day by cracking them open one by one and filling my life with their stories. It makes me sad that I seldom feel like I have time to just sit and read all day. It feels like too much of a luxury.

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