Day 8: A place you’ve traveled to

One place I have traveled to is India, surprise surprise?  This was nearly 3 years ago and I can scarcely believe how fast time just slips away.  I remember thinking back then that I would be back in India by that same summer.  And before I knew it, nearly 3 years passed me by.  I find this picture hilarious.  I can’t believe how serious we were in making sure we got this picture taken.  WE NEEDED A PICTURE OF US AND NATURE.  And I mean, and my cousin’s Santa hat of course.  In the summer.

At first I was really skeptical about putting pictures up on my blog.  This is my personal life and all.  But I feel like pictures illuminate every post I write and this post wouldn’t be the same without the awkward picture of me sitting on a rock in India.

India is amazing but I loved this trip because before this trip I used to hate visiting India.  I loathed it so much.  There were bugs and all of these third world problems.  Current outages left and right and food poisoning.  My stomach did not appreciate some of the food there.  I got such bad food poisoning that I wanted to die.   I’d rather not explain in great detail but be wary of fried chicken that seems a little too greasy.

But somehow with all of this in mind I love India.  My skin glows and suddenly I have this cheery disposition.  Maybe because I am surrounded by so many people I love so much all in one place.  Of course I find America much more comfortable, but being comfortable isn’t always what’s best.

In India you barely need any money to feel like you’re loaded.  100 rupees can get you a LONG way.  Trust me.

You should go one time.  Maybe you’ll hate India the first, second or third time you go, but eventually you’ll love it like me.


5 thoughts on “Day 8: A place you’ve traveled to

  1. I’ve always wanted to go. Recently, because of health issues, I think that I’ll only be able to dream about it. I’m afraid that any kind of food poisoning might do me in. But who knows… maybe one day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m Indian – lived there all my life – and my first trip back from a semester of studying abroad, I got food poisoning. Not. Fun. 🙂

    1. The thing is I’m normally the person who never get sick, so when I got food poisoning I couldn’t even really handle it. It was really overwhelming and horrible! I even got food poisoning in Disney world one time. Where did you study abroad?

      1. In Boston. I know what you mean – I was the same way, but I guess living in the States has softened my immunity 🙂

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