Day 7: Favorite Movies

This was actually one of the posts I was least looking forward to writing about because I’m usually really picky about movies.  I never see movies when they actually come out in theaters.  The way I see it, I can get the book for free in the library and its twice as good!  I know, I’m so brown it’s bad.  But I’m the type of person who’s willing to spend money, but if its a crazy good deal to me in my mind.  $16 for a 2 hour movie?  Pshh read a book and get HOURS of entertainment for free!

But there are some movies I love and here they are listed below in no particular order:

Never been kissed

I love this movie SO very much and for so many reasons. For one, its basically the dream for any girl.  Go back to school a couple of years later, be insanely popular and get your teacher to fall in love with you.  JK that’s actually kind of crazy, but she somehow makes it cute.  This movie is incredibly simple and intricate and that’s what makes it beautiful. Josie is the girl everyone wants to win, she’s the girl who’s always lost and that’s what makes this movie amazing to me.

2.  The Little Mermaid

This is such a classic and I don’t think anything can really compete.  I always wanted to be Ariel when I was younger because she was the prettiest princess and she could sing.  Plus mermaids get to wear swim suits year round.  I now realize that being some what of a feminist a lot of the ideas on this movie belittle women…but I don’t care!  I love this movie because it was the first movie I ever saw.

3.  Slumdog millionaire

LOL I AM LIKE EVERY BROWN PERSON ALIVE.  And I will not deny that I cried like a baby for the entirety of this movie.  It was SO very good and I couldn’t help myself.  I will, however, not answer anyone else who asks me if India is really like this movie.  And I could care less if you want to “save ALL the slumdogs of India”!

4.  Three Idiots

“Pursue excellence and success will follow”

This movies is actually one of the few movies that changed my life.  I want to meet Amir Khan one day to tell him that he is fact AMAZING and that he made me proud of going for business and not medicine.  And if he wants to marry me because of my fantastic personality and glowing smile, it’s icing.  (Please don’t take me serious, not even a little bit, I’m not THIS insane) This movie helped me realize that being my best was so much more important than being the best and that everyone is unique and talented in their own way.


2 thoughts on “Day 7: Favorite Movies

  1. $16 dollars for a movie is a lot! I thought the theaters here were expensive.

    I loved Slum Dog Millionaire, too. I was watching it with some Indian friends, and when it was over, I said, “This can’t be real. It’s not over. There aren’t hundreds of dancing girls coming over a mountaintop singing a song, to be met with a hundred men dancing and shouting.” And then, right as the credits were coming…. it happened. I was so happy, and they were surprised that I’d seen enough Bollywood to know the flow of those films. The ending of the movie made the heavy parts seem not so depressing.

  2. I know right! I can get a ticket for around $8 if I’m willing enough to get a student pass, but most of the time I just enjoy reading a story more.

    I still remember actually trying to learn that dance! It was a major failure and I don’t know what I was thinking. You’re so right though, every bollywood movie needs that dance scene!

    I don’t know if I would classify Slum Dog Millionaire with every other bollywood movie though, it was definitely a different experience to watch. Despite the sad parts, I loved it. If anything, it was because of the sad parts.

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