Where exactly do you intern?

I can’t name the number of times I’ve been asked this, so I thought…why not write a post about it?  I am currently a marketing intern alongside Jennifer Roth for something called “The Ticket“.

What really drew me to this internship was the fact that “The Ticket” wasn’t your ordinary musical that was trying to get on broadway.  It was a christian musical and it’s a musical that is breaking into new territory.

“The Ticket” is about a group of friends who hit the jackpot and are forced to realized what money can actually do to people, especially people who feign piety.

For so long Christians have been depicted very negatively through television.  We’re extremists, too close minded and too uncaring.  And to the other extreme, christian musicals have taken on a new category of their own where they aren’t even really considered “musicals” anymore.  They’re church plays that are really too afraid to “cross” any lines.

I chose to intern with “The Ticket” because I wanted to work and use what I was learning in school to actually impact the world around me.  Something about theater has always intrigued me.  I remember acting as assistant stage manager for the play “Annie get your gun” back in high school and feeling no greater feeling than the close of opening night.  I’m excited to learn how something like a play on the broadway district develops from just from an idea into a tangible result.  I’m excited to actually do something important, even while I’m still in school.

I feel like so many times people are “expected” to do certain things, so they do them.  You’re expected to go to college and get a degree in law or business, so you do it.  You’re expected to get married at 23 and have 2 children living in the suburbs, so you do it.  Or you’re expected to act of think a certain way from the media, and you accept this.  I’m tired of living my life under the expectations of society.  If you want a cliche musical about unreal and close minded people claiming to be Christians- then don’t see “The Ticket”.  We’re tired of doing what’s expected of us, because we answer to a higher authority.


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