I love Christians not Christianity.

Did my title catch you eye?  I thought it might, for some reason I started thinking about a movie I had watched a while ago around Christmas time.  This girl was running away from her religion and her situation and she meets a man on her plane who the audience is led to believe is Jesus.  The only problem with this train of thought, or so I thought, lied in the fact that when the man was questioned by the girl, if he believed in religion, he responded by saying that religion was bad.  (SPOILER ALERT, I mean if you ever do seek out this film whose name I cannot even recall…)

Later on the girl learns he is JESUS and asks him why he said he didn’t believe in God.  He responds by saying he never said anything of the sort but he believed that organized religion could be bad.

Now, unto what I actually want to talk about.  Just so you know I love Christians AND Christianity, in fact sorry if my title seems a bit deceptive to you.  But on the other hand I find myself hating what I would like to call the politics of  religion.  The meetings and social hierarchy and the feeling of superiority.  I hope I am not out of line by saying this but I don’t believe that this is what Christianity is truly about.  Christianity, to me, is about humbleness and compassion and putting others before yourself.

I remember my brother told me of a story in which 3 ministers who were on their way to give a story about being a “Good Samaritan”.  Although I’m not entirely sure how or why this was done but someone put a person in need along the path of all 3 ministers.  Even though all of them we’re going to give a sermon about helping those in need, only ONE stopped.

I guess where I’m getting at is not so much that I don’t like Christianity but I hate the false Christians.  Being a Christian is a responsibility and a privilege that I believe has been taken lightly so often in this day in age.  It has become to easy to say we are Christians but can we really evaluate ourselves, and still call ourselves Christians?


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