Nothing is impossible

So many times I look at my current situation and look at everything that is wrong.  I look at how easy my life would be without certain things and I make myself believe that only when this thing is gone I will be able to be happy, that I can BREATHE again.

In my most recent case I had felt that my school year would SUCK until my SATS were over.  It was okay but I had horrible time management and I blamed it all on the fact that SATS were taking ALL of my time.

Now it’s October and I have finished ALL of my exams AND, I am out of excuses.  It is still 10:18 pm and I have still have a bucket filled of work I have put off to do until now.  I have Physics, College essays, Business Homework and the list goes on.  I was exactly in the same place a month ago, the only difference is that I have no one to blame but myself.

So many times I feel as though teenagers are creatures of instinct.  We want to do what is convenient and easy for us. Because of this fact we come home and instead of starting our homework, we watch a rerun of the latest episode of Glee.  [THATS WHAT I DID xD]  We put off the homeworks we know will take forever to the very last minute.   Then we moan and groan and say that we have too much on our plate.

In this particular post my example would most directly apply to other teenagers but that doesn’t mean it does not apply to adults or even younger kids as well.  How many times do you put off important things because you feel tired?  How many times do we creatures of comfort simply deem things “impossible” when we start to feel uncomfortable.

Unlike many teenagers I love my sleep. I love the feeling of waking up after 8 or more hours of sleep and then curling up with a good book.  But at the same time, if I want to do these things I need to set my priorities straight.

This means realizing when to turn off the television set, when to take a break, when to push forward and when to call it a day.  Nothing is impossible if you’re willing to change your outlook and focus on God.

See you soon!


Luke 1: 37

“For nothing is impossible with God”

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