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Its technically a new day!

1. What changes have you seen after reading Bible ?

In all honesty I had been brought up in a Christian home and so had my father’s father and so on;  because of this I can’t argue that there was an obvious change.  I was brought up reading the bible as long as I can remember.  BUT what I have found is that reading the bible has made my everyday life much better.  Times that I take to read the bible, I feel happier.  The bible has SO much wisdom that we can all use in our everyday lives and when I really sit down and read it, its impact is incredible.

2. What is your wish, if God ask you to wish anything and you will get it?

Well I’d like to think that if I asked anything from God sincerely I would receive it.  Following the concept of “ask and you will receive”, but if I were asked what I would ask for RIGHT now?  I guess I’d ask for wisdom like Solomon, that’s probably the best thing I could receive.

3. Your Favorite spiritual song that you love to sing always ?

That’s a hard one because so many songs have really touched my heart, but two sings I LOVE are Mighty to Save and Hosanna because of how much they impact my life.

4.What’s your interesting thing about you ?

Umm well I guess one interesting thing about me is the fact that the ministry runs in my family.  My grandmother’s father used to write Christian songs in our native language.  [I’ve always thought that was cool]

See you tomorrow,


**THANK YOU so much for questions, it makes posts so much easier :/  I won’t be doing Ask Nina questions EVERYDAY though.  I’ll save these for a day without inspiration.  OH and I really do love answering questions about myself but I would also like to give you guys advice with your own lives so please feel free to ask those as well.

On the video Mighty to Save someone commented

2 days ago 13 

I’ve never heard any atheist articulate why their world view is not devoid of hope. If God does not exist, then we must ultimately live without hope. You grow old, deteriorate, struggle with health issues, and perhaps senility will rob you of all your memories, and then you die with no afterlife beyond the grave. It begs the question: what is the point of existence without God. However wonderful a life an atheist has, it is rendered ultimately futile and meaningless.

SO true!

1 thought on “Ask Nina-25/365”

  1. thank you so much !!!, sure..both are fantastic songs(prayers) full of energy and grace ….you can also ask me anything,if any questions arise in your mind !!! 🙂

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