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SO I FINALLY have some Ask Nina questions from a loyal follower of my blog [or so I’d like to think so], minilaptop410.  I’ll be honest and say I didn’t expect to get questions about ME, but I did say I’d answer anything so here we go.

1. Have you ever questioned your faith?

Yes, definitely.  I wish I could say that I’ve always been sure of my religion and that I never doubted it once… but I have.  The first real time I experienced doubt was when a close friend of mine admitted to becoming an atheist[originally a Christian and hiding their conversion].  They would always question my faith and tell me things were wrong about the bible, or holy spirit and it became very hard to not believe them.  It was very hard at the time, I remember wanting to show them Christ but having SUCH a hard time with it!  They used to only read this bible that showed all the contradictions or wrong facts and so on found in the bible.  It became hard not the believe them.  But that’s the thing about faith, it requires you to not use your head or facts but to follow your heart and seek God.  I’m not saying that you can’t prove that God exists by facts in the bible, but that ultimately faith is not something that can be proven.  So to answer your question, yes I have questioned my faith before.  The way I looked at it, the more I question my faith and make sure what I am believing is true, the more I can follow God completely.

2. What is your main goal in life?

My main goal in life…I’ve actually never thought about this.  I know that I may want to go into the field of business, but life?  From what I know now, I plan on working hard in school and participating in mission trips through my church during my off time.  Once I finish studying I may take time off just to evangelize but nothing is written in stone just yet.  In all honesty I don’t really know my main goal in life just yet.

3. Why do people ask for advice but never follow it?

Well, I don’t think that necessarily true.  I know that I’ve asked for advice SO many times in my life and I’ve definitely used a large portion of it.  For the part I didn’t use, well I think that a part of me already knows what I want to do.  I was actually asking for advice a while back from a friend.  I was saying, “Should I buy candy of get ACTUAL food?” and she said “ACTUAL FOOD!  I mean its Halloween so you’ll get tons later on anyway.”, and I then said “YEAH, great idea, but I don’t celebrate Halloween so I’ll just-” “then get candy!””but but food is better because-”  “Come on you already know what you want!  Just get food then!”  Sorry that was more confusing that I thought it would be, but basically so many times we kind of know what we want and just want reassurance, so when our advice isn’t reassurance, we don’t follow it.

4. What is your favorite food?

There’s this small little deli like or really restaurant like place near my school with the BEST paninis.  It’s literally the food I look forward to most in the world.  That and cutlets  =)  mmmmm.
5. What are your favorite hobbies?

I actually love to sing and read.  An odd combination but they top the list.  Singing because, I dunno I just love it, there’s a feeling I get when I get a duet or a solo, I just love how it feels when I sing!  [I’m not very good though XD].  And reading because it captivates me, it’s as if my body and mind are transported into this new amazing world and….it’s just the best feeling!  Like watching your best television show except at your own pace and you don’t need DVR to hit pause or rewind.  And everything is up to your imagination.  In my Twilight Edward was MUCH more handsome.

See you tomorrow,


** and thank you minilaptop410 for the questions!

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