Tell me if I have spelling/grammatical errors, I suck at finding errors :/  OH and the photo is  from 🙂

I’ll be honest and say that I have been a major fail at blogging.  This is the SAME thing I did with that 365 days bible [read the entire bible in 365 days….I TECHNICALLY did it].  I kind of bs [I won’t spell it out but you catch my drift right?] some posts and put LOTS of time and effort into others.  I’m really sorry about that but some days I have no IDEA what to blog about!

In fact I was bored but unsure about what to blog today so I looked up ideas online.  OH and please tell me if my links are wrong!  I remember I last linked something very personal to what I called “a picture of a cute latina boy” [don’t get the WRONG idea here!]  I’m starting to notice that my blog is kind of embarrassing [I was SOME WHAT aware before], maybe I should tone it down a bit?  Nahh, maybe not.  Okay well I’m actually rambling because I have yet to pick a topic…

I decided to take option number ten from the list! [I’m going to sleep!]  See you tomorrow!   [really TODAY!]

Okay so a brand new day and I still have no idea what to write about, hence the title of my post: SURPRISE POST.  I feel as though I’ve written on all the major topics but I’m going to keep looking for something, sorry if this post comes up late but I’m really looking for something to write about [please comment with ideas for future posts, I would REALLY appreciate it].

Irony.  Don’t you love it?  I was looking through that book I told you guys about before and flipped to a random page [I know, I know, LAME] and the title of the message was “Over and BEYOND the Call of Duty”.  [Just when I started talking about my blogging attempts at going below and much more below the call of duty].  I wouldn’t recommend randomly picking pages to write about if I were you.  I remember I once was looking for a message and picked a random page and landed on the page between the old and new testament.  [that wasn’t all too helpful].

Well now that I have a topic to write about I will actually start writing about it!  The verse given in the book reads:

2 John 8

Be diligent so that you will receive your full reward.

A story accompanies the verse and it talks about 3 men who were being evaluated for a job and how in the end the man who went above and beyond was hired.  In all honesty, I’ve heard stories like this my entire life but sadly, I never internalized them.

I remember back when I would do the bare minimum to get a 90 overall in school [I still do that…].  When I would never really push myself to give 100% into things that didn’t interest me.  Sure it was easy when I was doing something I loved like making a business plan or [I know I sound lame here but it really does fascinate me] working on a project, but things like APUSH or Math B?  I could care less and would just try enough to do moderately well.

I never thought of “diligence” as a quality of a good Christian but it definitely is.  As Christians [if you ARE a Christian right now] we must strive to do everything to the best of our ability.  The quote included in the book reads:

The secret to success is to do the common things uncommonly well

How true is that? [I say this a lot too :/]  Today I encourage you to make a change in yourself and put all of yourself into everything you do.  I promise to try harder with this blog [I may STILL only post a song once in a while but the majority of posts will be the very best I can give you.]

See you tomorrow,


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