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Now, I am going to be honest with you.  This is something most people say they like in their loved ones/friends/family, but let me tell you from experience that it REALLY is not all that it’s cracked out to be.

It’s like that twix commercial where a guy’s wife asks him[is that how it goes?] “Does this make my butt look big?“, and he takes a “moment” to chew it over with twix. JUST ONCE I’d like to see someone say “YES YOUR BUTT IS HUGE!”, [ assuming it is huge] but that’s the thing with honesty, people only like it when it’s convenient.

I remember when I had first saw an application called “Honesty Box” on Facebook I pounced at the chance to be honest, but ANONYMOUSLY!  [suh-weet!] There was this one girl who was a singer who was pretty good but had horrible range, so what did I write being the naive/ ignorant being that I am?

Well although I don’t remember the exact wording it was somewhere along the lines of :

You have a good voice but should work on your range.

I honestly [no pun intended] thought she wouldn’t care, well somehow she found out I wrote the comment and held an open grudge against me for around a day, until I apologized.  I was then talking to a friend and asked “She put that question open on honesty box, so what did she expect?” And he responded saying “People don’t ACTUALLY make those accounts for the honest comments they just want people to give them compliments!” [well duhh nina]

Who would have thought a honest box would be about honesty?

— Wow I went on QUITE a tangent about honesty, but you get my point now, right?  [maybe not?]

I’m going to be honest [now don’t we LOVE that word?] , I have rarely committed to anything I have ever done. There are a few small school clubs I have stuck with for 3 years but for the most part I drop the ball when the going gets rough.  After 1 day of my church choir I tried to quit, 1 year of violin was enough for me, 1 year of drama, and the list goes on and on.

Someone once told me that the personality traits we inherit early on in life, carry on with us in the years to come and quite frankly I don’t want to be known as a quitter.  I can just see it now on my business card “Nina Thomas, Quitter”, and I certainly don’t like it.

That is why for 200? 365 long days I am making a promise to myself, to make at least one blog post a day devoted to God.  The only time I will not make a post is if I do not have access to internet, in which case I will MAKE UP [later on] the posts I miss.

For example, I am going for a retreat Friday, Saturday and Sunday, SO I will make posts on my netbook and post them on Monday.  Sound good?

I’m doing this not because I want to , [maybe I want to just a lot  little] but because I stood on stage saying I would step outside my comfort zone and SERVE God and have yet to do ANYTHING for him.  That’s pretty lame.

I’m doing this to be more than a hypocrite who cannot keep her own promise, I am doing this to make a commitment.

I doubt I’ll acquire any loyal “followers” for this blog, but hey you never know.  This is post number 1 of 365, I have a VERY long way to go.

See you tommrow,


July 25th, 2010

10:32 pm

**I will ONLY post once a day because I tend to be “over devoted” the first day and “under devoted” for the rest of my time.  OH and the next post will be more about GOD!  ..It IS for him after all!

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